Board Members

More Kids On Sailboats
Board Members 


Brett LangolfCo-Founder & Executive Director

Brett has a background in the advertising and marketing industry, a career that covered a lot of North America from a start in Hollywood at Trauma Records to German Village-based Sync Creative. His career peaked with his first project - launching a Coors Light Spring Break beach photoshoot. He has led client-side brands for Abbott Nutrition, launched Jack Daniels TV spots in China, ran multiple Coca-Cola Super Bowl campaigns, and has even won awards for a Box of Doughnuts! An avid keelboat racer and college sailor, this set the foundation for his family's life on the water.  As the co-founder and defacto Captain of the MKOS Crew he loves passing on the sailing skills, grit and of course stories to the kids - on and off the water. 

Katie LangolfCo-Founder

Katie is an elementary educator in her local school district in central Ohio. She has taught 2nd -5th grades previously and is currently in the role of literacy support specialist. She loves helping her students realize that with grit and perseverance they can meet their learning goals while igniting a passion for reading and writing.  Her interests include family, reading, walking/running, skiing and of course sailing. She is a cofounder of MKOS and looks forward to seeing more multigenerational crews on the water.

Kathy Vanderhorst

Kathy is a life-long sailor. She grew up learning to sail at Sandusky Sailing Club, and later racing as a member of the Sandusky Junior Race Team. She was the co-founder and commodore of the Ohio University Sailing Team, spent time as a sailing instructor, and has competed in numerous local, regional and national regattas. Professionally, Kathy is marketing communications manager at Avient where she is responsible for marketing, advertising, public relations and customer events. Kathy lives in Bay Village with her family of competitive sailors. She is passionate about promoting MKOS and the unique opportunity it offers for new and experienced sailors to learn from each other.

Kevin Mack

Kevin is an entrepreneur that focuses on innovative solutions for heavily regulated industries. He works at Rhove <> where he leads web technology and is co-founder/Organizer of The Columbus Web Group <>. His passions are his family, technology, and design. He joined MKOS to help grow technology solutions and provide new opportunities for kids to learn leadership skills.

Jana Clarke

Jana is an elementary educator in her local school district in central Ohio. She has taught 2nd grade previously and is currently in the role of district K-5 literacy coach, working with teachers. She loves helping teachers think about engaging students and reflecting on ways to help each student grow.  Her interests include family, books, cooking and outside of her day job she is the family organizer and taxi. She is excited about the mission and vision of More Kids on Sailboats and the different skills and relationships that are enhanced. 

Andrew Jowett

Andrew Niven Jowett calls the shores of Lake Huron home in the great state of Michigan. The water is his greatest source of inspiration and more often than not finds its way into his work. With a background in photojournalism, Andrew brings that approach to all aspects of his photography, using authentic moments he documents and tells stories through his lense. An award winning director, he joined MKOS to digitally tell the story of the kids’ journeys on and off the water. Some of his work can be seen in the short documentary Win(d) Over Cancer. 

Surge Vanderhorst

Surge acquired his first boat at the age of 12 and hasn’t looked back. He sails competitively in multiple classes including VXOne, Lightning, Interlake, MC Scow, Thistle, and Melges 32. He holds a 100-ton US Coast Guard captain’s license and when not sailing, is exploring the Great Lakes and oceans on his powerboat with his family. Professionally, Surge is a sales manager for Backlot Cars. He brings his passion for sailing to MKOS to keep kids sailing for life, long after junior sailing and to bring the sport to newcomers from all walks of life.

Luiz Kahl (1961-2021)

Luiz developed and created the innovative regatta scoring software, Yacht Scoring. Yacht Scoring has become the world leader in online, real-time sailing event management for scoring, registration and communication. An active racer and invaluable volunteer at Bayview Yacht Club he has chaired multiple Bayview Mackinac Races. In addition to his work in the Great Lakes, Luiz was also a member of the Storm Trysail Club in Larchmont, New York, where he served on the board of governors, and of the Royal Ocean Racing Club in London. He was the executive director of the US-IRC Foundation from 2008-2011 and served as the director of the Southern Ocean Racing Conference. His goals for MKOS include growing national awareness and increasing our presence internationally while leading with safety and training.